Managing Stress: Relationships

Starting, maintaining and ending relationships can all be stressful.

Although it is sometimes hard to recognize, there is a lot of social pressure to enter a relationship. Perhaps it’s your mom asking why you aren’t dating someone or a friend from high school who goes on and on about his/her boyfriend/girlfriend, then hesitates to ask about your romantic life because you’re not dating anyone. Whether you have chosen to be single or you have found yourself in that situation, there are a lot of benefits from your current situation. You should take advantage of those that best meet your needs.

Being single can allow you to…

  • date several people.
  • spend money on things that you like.
  • learn more about who you are.
  • spend as much time with your friends as you want.
  • flirt without worrying about the repercussions.
  • not have to “check in” with someone.

Being single is a respectable and healthy choice. You can have more time to focus on a career, hobbies, travel, and hanging out, without feeling that you left someone out.

Is your relationship stressing you out? These are characteristics of a healthy relationship. If these don’t describe your relationship, it may be a source of stress for you. In a healthy relationship you…

  • have fun and grow together.
  • feel like you can be yourself.
  • maintain honesty, trust and good communication.
  • build friendship and respect.
  • handle conflict.
  • have accountability, partnership and dedication.
  • share healthy sexuality. 

Conflict Resolution in a Relationship

At the core of any successful relationship is the ability to communicate and resolve conflict. Included here are guidelines and exercises to help you resolve conflict.

Ending a Relationship
Tips on moving on, ending a relationship, starting a new relationship, and questions to ask if a relationship may be abusive.

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