Relationship & Sexual Violence Prevention


Presented by The Fontaine Center
Free for fees-paid UGA students
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  • Set and achieve personal goals
  • Initiate and sustain wellness behaviors
  • Balance dimensions of health and well-being
  • Learn resilience and coping skills
  • Identify potential barriers to change and develop strategies to move forward


In partnership with Health Promotion and led by guest facilitator Barbara Powers, dance educator and artist teaching at UGA

Join in this 25 minute yoga sequence!




Daily Mindfulness, Mon-Fri

In partnership with Health Promotion and led by guest facilitator Kiz Adams, UGA’s Well-Being Coordinator

Mindfulness Moment – Participate in a daily mindfulness moment with your campus community. Every day at 9 am, Kiz will lead a short (less than 10-minute) mindfulness practice. You can join via Zoom at zoom.us/j/246032955. Open to all UGA community members.

 Daily Yoga, Mon-Fri

In partnership with Health Promotion and led by guest facilitator Kiz Adams, UGA’s Well-Being Coordinator

Noontime Pilates and Yoga classes – Participate in free 45-minute Pilates and yoga classes at noon each day via Zoom. Kiz has been a certified Pilates instructor for almost 20 years. Join in here: zoom.us/j/745316447. Open to all UGA community members.

Hopelessly (Un)Romantic

Led by BeWell Peer Educators: Relationship & Sexual Violence Prevention

Tue, Feb 15, 6:00 – 7:00 pm, Miller Learning Center, Room 248

Engage in a discussion on how healthy and unhealthy relationship behaviors are presented in popular movies and TV shows.

Denim Day 2022 Led by the RSVP Peer Educators Wed, 4/27, 11:00 am – 3:30 pm, Zoom

Wear your denim on this international day of support for sexual assault victims.

Join the RSVP Peer Educators at their table on Tate Plaza to learn more.

Part of Sexual Assault Awareness Month.

BeYou Panel: Body Image on a College Campus

Led by the UHC Be Well Peer Educators: BeYou
Tue 2/1, 4:00-5:00 pm Thu 3/24, 5:30-6:30 pm Mon 4/18, 6:00-7:00 pm
FYOS approved!
Join BeYou Peer Educators for a pop up panel discussion on body image. During this panel discussion, BeYou Peer Educators will discuss their tips for interrogating body image expectations on a college campus, and attendees will have time to ask questions and engage in casual discussion. This event is suitable for students anywhere on their body image journey and is a great complement if you have previously attended a BeYou workshop. Space is limited to 15 participants.

Register on the Involvement Network!

BeYou Workshop

Led by the UHC Be Well Peer Educators: BeYou
Wed 2/16, 6:00-7:00 pm, MLC Room 153 Tue 3/1, 6:00-7:00 pm, MLC Room 153 Mon 4/4, 4:00-5:00 pm, MLC Room 153 FYOS approved!
Join the Be Well Peer Educators: BeYou for practical tips on challenging negative body talk and a dialogue on social media, body image, and well-being.

Nutrition Basics Class

Led by Registered Dietitian Nutritionists from the UHC Health Promotion Department On Zoom: Mon, Feb 21, 4-5pm; Mon, Mar 21, 7-8pm; Tue, Apr 5, 4-5pm; Tue, Apr 19, 7-8pm

Call Health Promotion to register: 706-542-8690

In this course, we will discuss basic components of a nutritious diet, meal planning strategies, and common nutrition concerns for undergraduate and graduate students. These classes do not require a medical referral and all students are eligible to attend at no cost. Students will have an opportunity to chat and ask questions with the UHC Nutrition Education Coordinator and/or nutrition interns.

These classes are not intended as individual medical nutrition therapy. Students with medical concerns should obtain a referral from their medical provider to register for one on one nutrition counseling with our registered dietitian nutritionists.

In addition to our Nutrition Basics classes, there will be two additional classes offered via Zoom at no cost to students: Mon, Mar 28, 4-5pm – Meal Planning 101


UGA Psychology Clinic Racial Trauma Guide Provided by the UGA Psychology Department, campus resource and partner to UHC Developed by the Racism Pandemic Task Force with support from the EMPOWER Lab, the Racial Trauma Guide is a resource for crucial “discussions about race and inequality and to provide Black Americans with the resources to engage in cognitive, behavioral, and collective coping strategies.”

Wellbeing in Context: Community Our individual wellbeing must be explored within the context of community wellbeing, “the combination of social, environmental, cultural, and political conditions identified by individuals and their communities as essential for them to flourish and fulfill their potential” (Wiseman and Brasher, 2008). In other words, in addition to building skills for supporting your own wellbeing, you must also be invested in the wellbeing of your community to experience lasting and sustainable change. Some helpful ideas can be found in this post on the #BeWellUGA blog!

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#BeWellUGA at Home: Sleep Sleep is the best way to maintain a healthy immune system and can have a significant influence on your physical, emotional, intellectual, and social well-being. At minimum, 7-8 hours of sleep per night is ideal to support the body and mind. Read more on the #BeWellUGA blog!

#BeWellUGA at Home: Time Management The UHC Wellness Coaches share strategies to work, learn, and study from home on the #BeWellUGA blog!

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Explore the Store Blog Series Do you find yourself buying the same things when you are grocery shopping? Want to spice things up? Well, welcome to Explore the Store! Each week a new item found at your local grocery store will be featured on the #BeWellUGA blog! Explore the Store: AvocadoCarrotsKimchiMatcha Green TeaNutritional YeastSpaghetti SquashTempeh

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this is a video recording #BeWellUGA: UHC Nutrition Kitchen Cooking Demos While we are waiting to resume in-person cooking classes, our registered dietitian in the UHC Health Promotion Department has put together a series of videos to cook some of our classic recipes:

Egg Roll in a Bowl Black Bean & Veggie Quesadilla Scrappy Frittata Apple Cinnamon Smoothie Matcha Smoothies Pumpkin Smoothies Cranberry Crisp