Umatter at UGA

What is UMatter?

  • An active bystander intervention program that supports a culture where people care about and help each other.
  • Provides skills to safely identify and help individuals in need.
  • Raises awareness to access resources in the UGA community.
How have actions mattered at UGA?
  • Students have prevented incidents of interpersonal violence by intervening when they saw an intoxicated individual getting into a car with a stranger posing as a ride share driver.
  • Students have called for help when they saw someone needing medical attention after consuming alcohol or other substances and saved their lives.

Attend a UMatter program and learn the skills to help!

Choose to Matter at UGA

  • Choose to take action early – before a situation escalates. This can be effective and safer for everyone involved.
  • Choose to confront friends who make excuses for inappropriate behavior. Even small things such as comments, jokes, media, or music lyrics promote a culture of violence and disrespect. Sometimes all it takes is a look!
  • Choose to support a community where people care about each other. Your actions can reinforce the expectations of the UGA community to offer help when needed.
  • Choose to be part of a community that encourages one another to speak up or act.

How can you show others that they matter?

  • Attend the FREE UMatter Active Bystander Intervention Program and receive a Fontaine Center t-shirt.
  • Bring your friends.

You never know when the next person who needs help will be you!

Large Group or Student Organization?
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