RSVP serves all individuals who identify as a survivor of interpersonal violence and/o sexual assault. RSVP also serves individuals who identify as secondary survivors such as roommates, friends, and/or loved ones.

RSVP services are free and confidential. This means that the only way individuals will know if you’ve engaged with RSVP is if you tell them or give RSVP the consent to contact individuals/departments on your behalf. We take confidentiality very seriously at RSVP as survivors do not need to have an additional worry on their plate.

At RSVP we do not blame the survivor for what has occurred and this information does not change the services you receive. We support survivors no matter the circumstances. If law enforcement reports are made, these items will not be held against the survivor as our campus and community partners care about the crime that occurred against the survivor rather than getting the survivor in trouble.