BASICS is short for Brief Alcohol Screening and Intervention for College Students. It is a collaborative, evidence-based program designed to help students make lower risk choices related to harms that may come from alcohol and other substance use. The program consists of two non-confrontational, non-judgmental sessions with a Health Promotion Department AOD facilitator.

Any student who is concerned about their alcohol or other substance use can choose to attend BASICS. Some students are required to complete BASICS if they are found to have violated the UGA alcohol and other substance use policy or are court mandated to complete a program.

It is not an alcohol education course nor is it a counseling session. BASICS is an opportunity for students to receive supportive feedback based on their own responses about their alcohol and other substance use. BASICS uses evidence based practices to meet students where they are with their alcohol and other substance use. It provides students with strategies that may help to reduce risk and other resources. The student will have opportunities for self-improvement and goal setting to encourage lower risk choices.

It consists of 2 sessions, both approximately 50-60 minutes in length. It will occur over 2-3 weeks.

Please call the Health Promotion Department and ask to schedule a BASICS session:


During that call, you will be given additional instructions and where the session will occur.

For students referred to BASICS by Student Conduct or need proof of completion, it is $200 which is for the whole program.

For students who are choosing to complete BASICS and do not require proof of completion, there is no out-of-pocket cost.