Fontaine Center

In an effort to promote an environment that supports the safety of students, on campus, and in the community, a generous donation from the family of John Fontaine, Jr. has enabled the University of Georgia to create a center for alcohol and other substance misuse prevention, early intervention & recovery support services, and relationship & sexual violence prevention & 24 hour advocacy services.

Our Mission: Empowering students to advocate for personal health promotion and well-being through prevention, early intervention and recovery support services and strategies

Our Goals:
* Promote low-risk behaviors related to alcohol and other substance use
* Identify impacts of high-risk alcohol and other substance use
* Promote healthy, sustainable recovery for students through 24 hour advocacy and comprehensive support services
* Educate our community about sexual assault, intimate partner violence, sexual harassment, and stalking in order to promote a nonviolent campus community through a primary prevention lens

Phone: 706-542-8690

Monday – Friday, 8 am – 5 pm
Closed from 12 noon – 1 pm

The Fontaine Center is located in the Health Promotion Department on the first floor of the University Health Center, at the corner of College Station and East Campus Road, on the University of Georgia campus.

Crisis Resources:

If in need of immediate safety assistance:  Call 911

24/7 RSVP Hotline (connect with a confidential advocate):  706-542-SAFE (7233)

Alcohol & Other Drug Support Services:  706-542-8690


Alcohol & Other Drug Prevention, Early Intervention and Recovery Support:

AlcoholEdu, Sexual Assault Prevention for Undergraduates, and Mental Well-Being for Students

Prevention, Outreach & Educational Programming

Early Intervention & Consultations

Recovery Support Services — Collegiate Recovery Community (CRC)

Relationship & Sexual Violence Prevention (RSVP):

Prevention, Outreach & Educational Programming Advocacy Services

Fontaine Peer Mentor Program

Online Self-Assessment:

IMPACT — Want to check-in about your substance use? IMPACT is a confidential online survey that will provide personalized feedback about how your drinking, family risk, and community norms impact your life and goals for the future.

John Fontaine Jr.

John Fontaine, Jr. died instantly at age 16 when his friend, who had been drinking, lost control of the car and hit a tree. With his loveable, jovial demeanor and effortless smile, John proved himself the consummate friend as he brought goodness and joy into the lives of others. His favorite reaction from people was laughter. To each and every friend he gave a special part of himself, and he knew how to keep them up and how to keep them smiling. John was a true showman and enjoyed enchanting people in a theatre full of young audiences. “I may not have lived a long life, but I lived a good life…and friendship is the most important thing there is.” These words from the play Charlotte’s Web, spoken by him on the last day of his life, appropriately and profoundly reflect the spirit and the heart of John Fontaine, Jr.