Be Well Peer Educators: Peers for Alcohol & Other Drug Education

PADE Student Group members, 2021-2022

The Be Well Peer Educators: Peers for Alcohol and Other Drug Education (PADE) represent the Fontaine Center by providing students with alcohol and other drug prevention messaging and empowering students to make informed decisions about substance use while at UGA.  PADE members understand that students make a variety of choices regarding substance use and help students gain essential skills to decrease the risk of negative consequences in an environment where alcohol or other drugs may be present. Members host a variety of workshops, educational programs, and substance-free events for the campus community.

The group consists of approximately 15 students from the University of Georgia and meets regularly twice per month.

Last year we hosted a number of educational events on campus to promote harm reduction strategies, including:

  • Host Fontaine Center tailgates to provide a substance-free environment for students and help promote harm reduction strategies on Game Days
  • Develop health communication programs to disseminate
  • Fontaine Center messaging
  • Develop social marketing campaigns to promote alcohol-free events within our community
  • Plan and implement educational outreach events to promote risk reduction strategies including Fall Break & Spring Break events
  • Facilitate residence hall presentations
  • Collaborate with a number of campus partners and student organizations to implement alcohol-free events (ex. Ramseypaloosa)
  • Help shape the future direction of alcohol and other drug prevention
  • Provide thoughts and ideas about how to reach UGA’s unique student population
  • Contribute towards making your campus a better, safer place to be
  • Professionally represent the University Health Center
  • Gain leadership opportunities, public speaking experience, and create social marketing campaigns

For questions about the group, the application process, or membership requirements, please contact the group’s advisor, Kelly Truesdell:

Photo of Pratham Adajania Pratham Adajania

Class Year: 2nd
Major: Biology
Fun Fact: I did a bit of modeling when I was 3 years old!

Photo of Jennifer Britto Jennifer Britto

Class Year: 3rd
Major: Biochem and Molecular Biology with a minor in Women’s Studies
Fun Fact: I have a cat!

Photo of Gabby Buttry Gabby Buttry

Class Year: 3rd
Major: Health Promotion and Behavior
Fun Fact: I speak 3 languages!

Photo of Kennedy Camp Kennedy Camp

Class Year: 2nd
Major: Health Promotion
Fun Fact: I love to travel!

Photo of Wambui Chege Wambui Chege

Class Year: 3rd
Major: Biology
Fun Fact: I’ve been to 10 countries!

Photo of Shriya Gupta Shriya Gupta

Class Year: 1st
Major: Social Work
Fun Fact: Sometimes I eat a bunch of bananas for a meal!

Photo of Maddi Hughes Maddi Hughes

Class Year: 2nd
Major: Communication Studies with a minor in International Affairs
Fun Fact: I hate cheese on burgers!

Photo of Harshpreet Kaur Harshpreet Kaur

Class Year: 2nd
Major: Pharmaceutical Sciences
Fun Fact: I drive to destress!

Photo of Ashley Musick Ashley Musick

Class Year: 3rd
Major: Health Promotion and Behavior
Fun Fact: I can wiggle my ears!

Photo of Mansi Patel Mansi Patel

Class Year: 2nd
Major: Biological Science
Fun Fact: My biggest fear is open bodies of water!

Photo of Neysa Patel Neysa Patel

Class Year: 3rd
Major: Biology
Fun Fact: I used to be a b-baller!

Photo of William Payne William Payne

Class Year: 1st
Major: Microbiology
Fun Fact: UGA was my first choice school!

Photo of Kira Simons Kira Simons

Class Year: 4th
Major: International Affairs/Entertainment & Media Studies
Fun Fact: I grew up riding horses!

Photo of Bonnie Wohl Bonnie Wohl

Class Year: 2nd
Major: Psychology and French
Fun Fact: I prefer dark chocolate over milk chocolate!