UMatter: Mental Well-Being Edition
UMatter is an upstander intervention program that engages participants in discussion to support a culture that values UGA Community members who care about and help each other. Participants will discuss ways to safely identify and support a member of the UGA community experiencing mental well-being challenges, refer to support services, and raise awareness about mental health resources available in the UGA community. Choose to care and contribute to positive experiences, culture, and future of the UGA community.

Stress Management
We all know stress management is important, but how do you actually stop procrastinating or get more sleep as busy college students? All this and more is included in the interactive discussion. Topics include balanced study snacks and foods to help de-stress, time management strategies, tips for getting the most out of naps and improving sleep habits, and working self-care into a busy schedule. Participants will also participate in a number of relaxation strategies including deep breathing and muscle relaxation.

Healthy Body Image
Developing a positive body image is an important part of happiness and wellness. However, there are many social and cultural influences that can lead to negative feelings towards our bodies. This program aims to discuss some of the factors that influence our body image, and ways to foster a positive body image.

BeYou Workshops
BeYOU is a University Health Center Student group that promotes body positivity and acceptance for students. They lead an interactive, peer-led workshop which aims to help students respect their bodies. The workshop encourages students to verbally challenge the “thin ideal” that is prevalent in our society and the media through interactive role plays and discussions. Students will learn strategies for body activism and tools for resisting future pressures to conform to appearance-based ideals. Workshops will be offered regularly during the Spring 2017 semester. Each class is 1 hour, and students will have the opportunity to engage in body activism events.

Brain Food
Participants in this virtual workshop will explore the connections between food, mood, and mental well-being and discuss strategies to use nutrition to support mental well-being.

Eating Healthy on a Budget
Make that food dollar stretch! Join the UGA Peer Nutrition Educators to learn about how to save money while preparing delicious meals and snacks.

Eating Healthy in the Dining Commons
The UGA Peer Nutrition Educators will lead you through making the most of the many choices available on campus.

Getting a Taste of Plant Based
Calling all vegetarians, vegans, or those interested in a plant based diet. Learn about the benefits of a plant based diet and get tips for stocking your kitchen and preparing delicious meals.

Nutrition 101 – Eating Well in College
Want to eat better, but not sure where to start? The UGA Peer Nutrition Educators are here to help. This program will start you off with all that you need to know about a healthy eating pattern, making nutritious food choices, and provide you with plenty of easy meal and snack ideas.

Nutrition Basics (4 week workshop series, minimum of 6 participants)
Participants in this virtual workshop will meet weekly to learn about evidence based nutrition principles, meal planning, and strategies tailored towards meeting the challenges of student life. Led by the UHC Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, each workshop will help you develop self-care skills and provide time for group discussion. This program is intended to provide general nutrition education and is not intended to provide individual nutrition counseling or medical advice.

Virtual Cooking Class in the UHC Nutrition Kitchen (minimum of 6 participants)
Participants in this virtual workshop will be led in a cooking class by the UHC Registered Dietitian Nutritionist to make a delicious, budget friendly, and nutritious meal. Please note that due to social distancing requirements, classes will be conducted remotely via Zoom and participants will be responsible for providing their own materials. A list of cookware and ingredients required will be provided in advance.

Healthy Relationships
For some students, the opportunity to foster new relationships is one of the most exciting parts of being in college. These experiences should be positive and enhancing to your self-esteem. Many things can influence our expectations in relationships, including our family histories, media messages, and religious/cultural expectations. In order to nurture healthy relationships in your life, you must be able to identify what you are looking for and what your relationship boundaries will be. This presentation seeks to help clarify values, explore relationship dynamics, and develop communication skills.

Contraception 101
Birth control is about more than just pregnancy prevention. Students will learn about the history and benefits of the most common contraceptive methods, examine actual models, and break down myths surrounding hormones, periods, fertility, and cancer. Gynecological exams and emergency contraception will also be discussed.

STI & HIV Management
Misinformation and stigma are often the biggest contributors of sexually transmitted infections among young adults. In effort to reduce shame and stigma, students will learn about the recommended screening procedures and vaccinations, describe safer sex practices, and develop skills for discussing sexual activity, boundaries, and STIs with platonic friends and sexual partners.

Communication for Sex and Healthy Relationships
Research shows that partners that talk about sex have more positive sexual experiences. But sometimes talking about sex can be uncomfortable. Learn about effective communication skills and how to navigate difficult conversations to support boundaries, safer sex practices, and healthy relationships.

Women’s Health
This workshop will explore a full spectrum of female sexual experiences, including menstrual management and misconceptions regarding sexual activity. Together, we will answer questions surrounding vaginal health, annual exams, clitoral orgasms, and vulva diversity. You don’t have to identify as female to attend this inclusive program; students of all gender identities are welcome.

Men’s Health
This workshop will focus on common male sexual experiences. This discussion will examine male sexual performance and break down myths regarding sexual activity. This presentation will also address postponing fatherhood and HIV prevention. You don’t have to identify as male to attend this inclusive program; students of all gender identities are welcome.

More information coming soon

Fempowerment is a space for undergraduate students to come discuss any and all topics at the intersection of womanhood and well-being. Womanhood in this context is defined as the state of anyone who identifies as a woman, and well-being is defined as the promotion of mental, emotional, physical, and relationship-oriented health.  All gender identities are welcome to attend.

Talk Improv to Me
Yes, and let’s improve communication skills, strengthen social relationships, and learn how to better navigate day-to-day challenges. This beginner-friendly, facilitator-led workshop explores the principles of improv to boost students’ interpersonal skills through improv exercises and supporting discussions. Topics may include: rethinking conflict, healthy relationships, consent, coping strategies, leadership, upstander intervention strategies, and more!

UMatter: Upstander Intervention Signature Program
UMatter is an upstander intervention program that engages participants in discussion to support a culture that values UGA Community members who care about and help each other. In this signature program, participants will be introduced to strategies to safely identify and help a peer in need, discuss realistic and interactive skill building scenarios that cover a wide variety of well-being topics including mental well-being, interpersonal violence prevention, and substance misuse prevention, and raise awareness about resources available in the UGA community. Choose to care and contribute to positive experiences, culture, and future of the UGA community.

UMatter: Upstander Intervention – Content Specific Edition
In this content specific edition of UMatter, discussion will provide a deep dive into a topic of your choosing, such as interpersonal violence prevention, substance misuse prevention, or a tailored edition to meet the needs of UGA faculty/staff.  Specifically discuss how to identify a member of the UGA Community facing challenges related to the content area, tailored strategies to safely intervene and support the individual, and review relevant campus resources.  Choose to care and contribute to positive experiences, culture, and future of the UGA community. 

Alcohol & Other Drug Prevention 101
Reduce negative consequences associated with alcohol and other drug use! UGA’s drinking culture, individual blood alcohol concentration factors, effects of alcohol and drugs on the body, low-risk drinking strategies, and the signs and symptoms of alcohol poisoning are all discussed.

Alcohol, Other Drugs & Nutrition
Is a glass of wine a day really good for your health? What foods are best to eat before drinking? Find out how the body processes alcohol, as well as how alcohol interacts with the digestion, absorption and utilization of vital nutrients. Participants will also learn tips for low-risk drinking and identify the signs and symptoms of alcohol poisoning.

Alcohol, Other Drugs & Sex
Does alcohol really make sex better? Get the facts on how alcohol impacts the body, the signs of alcohol poisoning, low-risk drinking tips, and how substance use affects birth control and sexual behaviors.  Upstander intervention and communication strategies will be included.

Alcohol & Other Drug Jeopardy or Trivia
What are vapor shots and how do they affect you? Does alcohol really help you fall asleep? Jeopardy will give you a comprehensive snapshot of Alcohol 101, Alcohol & Nutrition and Alcohol & Sex. Only fun groups of 30 people or less are able to play this game!

Introduction to Interpersonal Violence
This informative program covers introductions to relationship violence, sexual violence, and stalking. Students will be provided with definitions, review the dynamics of interpersonal violence, consent, how to help a friend, and prevention.

Domestic Violence Escalation Workshop
The Escalation workshop is a film followed by guided discussion. The film is the story of a young white woman whose relationship with her college boyfriend becomes emotionally and physically abusive. The film is specifically targeted to college audiences and demonstrates the escalation of abuse that can occur in relationships. The workshop after the movie allows students to share their reactions, identify early warning signs of abuse, and discuss ways to intervene.

Consent 101
What is consent? How can a person know if someone gave consent? This interactive presentation will have students will review definitions of consent, differentiate between seduction & coercion, and practice communication strategies to ask for consent.