What is BeYOU?

BeYOU is a University Health Center Student group that exists on campus to promote body positivity and acceptance for students. They also lead an interactive, peer-led program which aims to help students respect their bodies. The workshop is led by Peer Educators in a small group format with less than 15 students. The program encourages students to verbally challenge the “thin ideal” that is prevalent in our society and the media through interactive role plays and discussions. Students will learn strategies for body activism and tools for resisting future pressures to conform to appearance-based ideals.
Interested in becoming a Be Well Peer Educator: BeYOU?

What is Body Activism?

Body Activism is about being an activist for body positivity. This means promoting positivity instead of judgment, and engaging others in a dialogue about how to view our bodies. Body Activism can take many forms. Here at UGA, we have written positive message in chalk, handed out compliment cards and stickers with positive messages, and engaged others in discussions about how to view our bodies.

Benefits of Body Positivity

The BeYOU Workshop is a research-based program which we hope will promote discussion around body acceptance and positivity among college students and reduce risks for unhealthy eating behaviors, disordered eating, and eating disorders.


The BeYOU Workshop curriculum is targeted toward individuals who identify as women; however, men are welcome to participate as well.

How to Register Individually:

Classes are offered regularly throughout the semester. You can find out our event times by looking at any of our social media accounts (TwitterInstagram) or the Health Center Calendar. These are open events and do not require pre-registration.

How to Register as a Group:

Body Positivity Workshops can also be scheduled for groups outside of the dates offered. Classes are ideally scheduled for groups of 6-15 students. If you would like to request a program for your group, please contact the Health Promotion Department at 706-542-8690.

Please submit your request 3 weeks in advance of the requested program date. BeYOU Peer Educators will attempt to accommodate requests; however, if no educators are available to facilitate the program on the requested date, they will contact you to find an alternate date for the program.